Making Indianapolis the safest place to live, work, and visit for those on the spectrum

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About the Indy Autism Project

Established December 7, 2020

Public Safety

The Indianapolis Metropolitian Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff are committed to becoming Autism-accredited agencies. The Officers and Deputies will go through trainings along with being equiped with sensory items and nonverbal books to aide interactions with those on the spectrum.

Parks & Rec

Indy Parks is committed to training it's staff on the best ways to work with people on the Spectrum, creating sensory friendly parks, and increasing ASD-inclusive programming.

Workforce Development

The partnership between Easterseals Crossroads and the Indy Chamber will help Indy businesses become accredited employers, build sensory friendly workspaces, and serve customers on the spectrum better. 

Mass Transit

IndyGo will be training it's drivers and staff on the best ways to work with riders on the spectrum along with increasing it's outreach to the neurodiverse community. 

Travel and Tourism

Visit Indy is building out an ASD-inclusive visitor's guide to help Indy residents and those who visit identify our sensory-friendly ammenities. They will also work with our hospitality industry to train frontline workers in serving those on the spectrum.

Community Awareness

The overarching goals of the whole project is increasing awareness of Indy's neurodiverse community, creating a better understanding of what ASD is and how it effects each individual differently, and helping underserved communities gain access to diagnosis and treatment. 

Founding Partners

A Note From Councillor Ali Brown

"I created the Indy Autism Project with the goal of creating a city that leads with kindness and sees the strengths in our differences. People on the spectrum deserve a world that works for them and allows them to achieve their personal goals. Great leaps forward come from those who see the world differently. Indy is ready to embrace our neurodiverse community for who they are." 

Ali Brown
Indianapolis City-County Council, District 5

Mother of Dylan, 3 years old

Help Us Expand Our Work

We are always looking for feedback from people on the spectrum — and those who love them — on ways we can improve our city. 

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